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This is an The Koean Genome Project (KGP) Home page. This site is for gathering and distributing any kind of information associated with Korean genome sequencing, analysis, and personal genomics.

The goal of KGP is to sequence all the Koreans on Earth (~50,000,000). KPGP is a PGP.

Korean Genome Project News
Korean Genome Research


 Korean Genome Project Steps:

    2008: 1 person (Dr. Seong-jin Kim)

    2010: Korean family genome sequencing (2 families. 8 people)

    2010: In association with KT (KGP 20)

    2014: 50 Korean Genomes (KGP 50)

    2015: 100 Korean Genomes (KGP 100)

    2017: 1000 Korean Genomes (KGP 1000)  

    2018: 2000 Korean Genomes (KGP 2000)  

    2020: 10,000 Korean Genomes (KGP 10k)

    2024: 1,000,000 Korean Genomes (KGP 1M)

    2027: 10,000,000 Korean Genomes (KGP 10M)

    2035: 50,000,000 Korean Genomes (KPGP 50M)

    2042: 7,000,000,000 Human Genomes (BiG project)

Some Korean Genome related reports


Korean Genome related Projects
Korean Genome FTP sites (Download)  : Korean whole genome sequences Korean Reference Genome (KOREF)
   VCF files of Korean Genomes FTP at Biodisk
Korean Reference Genomes (KOREF) Korean Reference Genome (KOREF)
 The Korean Reference genome is also found at KOBIC:
Korean Genome People/Researchers
Korean Genome related Papers/articles
►35 Korean genome CAMDA related

Whole genome sequencing of 35 individuals provides insights into the genetic architecture of Korean population

US FDA, BMC Bioinformatics 2014.

Korean Genome Reference papers

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 Danish Reference Genome Project



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