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KPGP (Korean Personal Genome Project, PGP-Korea)

Launched 2006.

KPGP is an independent sub-project of KGP (Korean Genome Project) and KGP is a subset of PGP.

KPGP is taking PGP's philosophy, principles and methodology as PGP is/has the most open and robust IRB for whole/full-length genomes project for the general public.

KGP has started as the national Korean Genome Project in KOBIC, KRIBB, in 2006.

Although it is a self-claimed PGP project, due to legal system in Korea, KPGP or PGP-Korea uses different methods and procedures from PGP (It is illegal for anyone to sequence one's own genome. In Korea, people don't have the genome rights to check or sequence their own genes and genomes unless they use some other paths such as DTC gene tests that are fully controlled by the government).

Purpose: Sequencing everyone on Korean peninsula with a set of diverse associated information such as clinical information.
Why PGP: KPGP could go independently from any other projects, but the founder, Jong Bhak, chose to accommodate PGP's methods as George Church has been doing the best possible and most advanced work on personal genomes work. It was partly to have a consolidated effort/teamwork. Also, in respect to a great pioneer (GC) to genomics.

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