All the Koreans


All the Koreans.

Korean peninsula is a place where diverse human species have lived in the past millions of years and recent human subspecies such as Denisovans and Homo sapiens could have also been around. 

The current national borders are only artefact and Koreans are also the product of infinite number of admixture of diverse groups of people.

The current Koreans include admixed populations from China, Japan, Mongolia, Vietnam, and other parts of the world in the past 10s of thosands of years. 
All individuals are the network of an extremely diverse human species variation (actually including some non-human species such as viruses and even perhaps bacterial species). Present Korea is a multi-ethnic and multi-cultural nation and the Korean Genome Project aims to analyze the individual genomic information as much as possible who are interested in knowing one's own genome and possibly other omes.

Currently, most Koreans are commonly called East Asians, probably derived from China. However, Korea now includes a rich diversity from all parts of the globe including Caucasians, Africans and other Asian regions.

Korean Genome Project aims to contribute to the diversity of human genomes projects all across the world, as openfreely as possible.